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Published: 19th January 2011
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Last week was the deadline for submitting the project for my B. Tech degree program. For the entire week I was busy collecting project material from my seniors and colleagues. On Friday night I started compiling my project in a CD. I was really satisfied with the data which I had on my computer. I took a cup of tea and turn on the machine and went to the directory where I had kept the Office 2010 Word files. I was shocked as none of my files were getting accessed. I closed the files, shut down and restarted the machine but to no use. It was almost 9:00 pm. I was at my wit’s end.

Then, I searched for solutions on Google. I searched with some Office 2010 and Microsoft Office related phrases in the space and browsed their corresponding links. Soon I got a site. There was a green button on the site, I clicked that, and in no time I was connected via a chat window to a technician. He greeted me and said ‘How may I assist you?’ I was delighted. I asked him, could he help me with Microsoft programs? He typed ‘Yes, of course, we are providing help for all Microsoft Office programs’. The person on the other end took some details and passed an article and told me to follow it.

I followed the article properly. There were about 6-7 steps and then restarted the machine as per the instructions. When I opened the file after system restart, I found that all applications were functional. I was able to access the Microsoft Office 2010 files in an error-free state. I took a deep breath, I was relaxed. I completed my project and submitted it well in time.

The very next day, I called up at the toll-free number of the remote support company. I was interested in having a conversation with the same technician to thank him again, but unluckily he was not available. There was another technician at the other end. He enquired about the problem. I narrated him the incident and expressed my interest in availing of further services from the company. Then the technician described some plans for consistent support. I subscribed for an annual plan, under which I was entitled to get unlimited support for my computer and the peripherals.

Now, I don’t bother about any computer problems, anymore. I get absolute and out-of-the-box tech support which was never possible with local vendors and technicians. That’s too on 24/7 basis. Great tech support!

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